Munich. Thursday, 21. April 2016.
The #BMWWelcomes are back at #BMWWelt with exciting topics for 2016. Four international experts are examining the topic #ARTIFICIALINTELLIGENCE.


Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It is an effort to built machines which can learn from their environment, from mistakes and from people. Machines that can learn is the field within aritificial intelligence which is the most observed today.

But is it new? We are all already using it and are comfortable with it. Just think of autopilots for planes, search functions, reccomendations and language assistents. Things in our daily environment are moving so quickly, that what we´re regarding as routine today, 30 years ago would have been regarded as amazing examples of artificial intelligence. Predicting a longterm future is very difficult, nobody can really do it. But it would be a bad thing to take what is working best now and assume the future is gone like that forever.

Check in with us to observe the exciting times in which we live now and let´s have a glimpse into the near future regarding Artificial Intelligence:

Mark Oleynik (CEO Moley Robotics)
„Moley Robotic Kitchen: more than artificial intelligence."

Prof. Dr. Horst Eidenmüller LL.M. (Statutory Chair for Commercial Law, University of Oxford Professorial Fellow, St. Hugh’s College, Oxford)
„Whose Fault? Firms. Products and Liability in the age of artificial intelligence."

Catalin Voss (Founder Sension; Research Scholar Stanford University School of Medicine) and Dr. Nicholas Haber (Chief Scientific Officer Sension; Postdoctoral Research Fellow Stanford University School of Medicine)
„Autism Glass Project: Can Artificial Intelligence Make Us More Empathetic?“

Dr. Werner Huber (Manager Highly Automated Driving BMW Group)
"Human or Robot - who will control our future vehicle?"